Fake Email Speedtest

Have you ever wondered which of the fake email services is the fastest? to determine the exact time. We run a series of experiments to find out the fastest service of fake temporary email. Since there are many factors that affect the speed, but much depends on the site that receives email.

How we chose the candidates:
- Alexa rank more 100k.
- No pop-up ads.
- No 99 Level captchas.

As a result, we measured the following speed (in seconds):

Site Speed Rating
emailfake.com 2-3 sec. very good
temp-mail.org 30-77 sec. very bad
guerrillamail.com 10-19 sec. bad
mytemp.email 2-3 sec. very good
mohmal.com 4 sec. (no autoupdate) good
fakemailgenerator.com 61 sec. very bad
mailinator.com 2 sec. very good
getnada.com 2 sec. very good
yopmail.com 4 sec.(no autoupdate) good
getairmail.com 10 sec. normal
10minutemail.com 12 sec. normal
10minutemail.net 20 sec. bad

You can also repeat this experiment yourself. On the video below you can see how the experiment passed. We try to make Fake Email service as fast as possible, and therefore we believe that speed is important to people.